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A 4 minute read that can transform your business and increase your income.

In these “pandemic times” the difference between the continued success or devastating closure of your business can be a very fine line. So here are some practical and proven marketing disciplines you can adopt in your business today completely free of charge.

Hi, this is John Lloyd-Hughes and welcome to the Marketing Advice For Business Owners.

Thank you so much for joining me again.

History can teach us a lot and we're not going to try and re-invent the wheel today or ask you to engage in some blue sky thinking. I hate jargon and am not a fan of acronyms either but by adding an “S” this one is worth repeating.

So today we are going to discuss AIDA with an S and its 5 core principles:

  • Attention - Create attention and awareness

  • Interest – Get the buyer interested

  • Desire – Generate a desire to buy

  • Action – Induce the buyer to buy

  • Satisfy – To encourage repeat business and referrals

The implementation of AIDA with an S can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. The important point is to grasp the fundamental principles. The AIDA concept has been used since the early 19th century but it is still an incredibly powerful formula helping businesses of all sizes attract attention, increase new business gains and keep clients longer.

For clarity let’s give these key principles some more definition.


Number one is the need to attract the reader’s attention. Using images in your marketing is really important but once you have captured their attention make sure your copy engages too. Try and understand what your customers’ most pressing problems are. Think about the issues they are facing and how your solutions can help eradicate those problems. If you can be seen as a solutions provider your audience is far more likely to listen. Understanding the issues being faced by your clients also allows you to write relevant and attention grabbing headlines to ensure your articles are read by an ever increasing audience.


Now you have grabbed the attention of your target audience you need to keep them interested. Ask yourself why are they listening? or what do they want to know? Asking these questions will enable you to present relevant and useful content. Providing content that is genuinely interesting to your readers will ensure you retain their attention.


Marketing isn’t all about the hard sell. In fact that can actually be a turn off for your prospective customers. Creating a desire to purchase in your audience is not as difficult as it sounds. Let your audience know what you are offering by show casing positive experiences others customers have had. This can take many forms including referrals, case studies and testimonials that we discussed in previous episodes or even user reviews. User reviews and client quotes are a brilliant tool as sometimes what others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. For example, telling your audience how much time Company A saved when using your products will create desire.


Not quite the final step but forcing an action is the difference between making a sale or not.

You have done all the hard work.

  • Got their attention

  • Created interest

  • And even generated the desire to buy

BUT all that effort is wasted if you don’t tell the client what to do next.

And what you need to tell them is BUY NOW and make that process as simple as possible!

If you have followed the first 3 principles properly the decision to purchase has already been made. The only thing that can prevent the sale now is making the purchasing process too difficult!


Whatever you do don’t let yourself or your customer down. After working so hard to engage your audience and convert your prospects into spending clients keeping them satisfied is hugely important. Make their purchasing and after sales experience a pleasure and guess what – you will not only benefit from repeat business but be able to secure some great endorsements for your products and services leading to even more new sales opportunities.

Understanding the AIDA with an S will also allow you to be more natural in face to face meetings and avoid a mechanised or robotic approach which is another turn off. Listing some generic questions and answers to become more familiar with AIDAS you can then start looking at more tailored responses for specific client meetings or industry sectors.

It will make a massive difference to how you and your company are perceived by prospective clients. There is a learning curve. But it’s not steep and used effectively AIDA with an S will help generate a better return for you and your sales team. Why not have a collective meeting to establish how AIDAS can best be applied to your business?

So here’s your homework:

This can be done on your own (or why not get the team together?) and have a think about how AIDAS can be applied to your business.

Take a good look at the 5 principles and relate them directly to your company and industry sector. It does not matter if you are selling products or services, sausages or marketing solutions. Sit down and make a list of how each principle can be applied to your business.

I 100% guarantee that applying AIDA with an S to your marketing activity will generate more customers, more sales and increase your income.

Report back to and let me know how you get on.

Here’s to the journey ahead, increased incomes and thank you for reading.

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