• John Lloyd-Hughes

8 affordable (and free) in-depth marketing ideas to grow your small business.

Many small business owners are focused on maintaining a healthy cash flow and thus don’t invest a ton of their revenue in marketing campaigns.

But done right, an effective small business marketing strategy will help you to attract new customers and engage with your target audience, in turn boosting your revenue stream.

This is especially true today, as a report from IAB finds that digital advertising is crucial to UK SMEs’ recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While promoting your business on a limited budget can seem like a difficult task, there are plenty of low-cost marketing ideas that you can implement.

In this guide, we’ll explore eight affordable (and free) small business marketing ideas you can get started with today. These tactics require little-to-no marketing budget, and you can execute each of them yourself – no expensive marketing agencies required.



While smaller budgets can be limiting, they don’t have to stifle the growth of your small business. Instead of copying established competitors, think outside the box and grab the attention of your audience with your strengths.

Most importantly, experiment first before putting huge amounts of money into channels. This includes more established approaches, like Facebook Ads. Spend what you can afford, measure the results, and scale up if it works for you.

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