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My name is John Lloyd-Hughes and a massive welcome to The 9K Club. Thank you for joining us.



I have worked in advertising and marketing for over 30 years with large brands such as The NHS, RBS, Halifax, The Royal Mail, Yorkshire Bank and The Inland Revenue. But my passion has always been the smaller business. Working closely with the senior team and being responsible AND accountable for really making a difference.

In the last 12 months I have worked with SME's in a wide range of sectors including Telecommunications, HR, Health & Beauty, Property Management, IT Services, Business Coaching, Childcare, Event Management, Legal and Town Planning.


No matter how good your products or services everything needs to be advertised and marketed in some way or another and those household brands I mentioned above had budgets running into £100,000’s. So marketing can be an expensive and complex business but it doesn’t have to be. There are many marketing strategies that can be adopted at very little or even zero cost. And I am talking about proven marketing strategies that work. 


On that basis I have prepared some practical Marketing Tips Fact Sheets that can be downloaded by members that will help you attract new customers. They're easy to implement and topics will include Creating Events,  Attracting Clients on LinkedIn, Case Studies and Testimonials, Smashing Social Media, Using Referrals and AIDA with an S. They are designed to get you thinking!


Whilst we’re speaking transparently I just want to reiterate 2 core principles. Forget everything you have ever heard before.

1. The sole goal of any marketing activity is to generate additional income.

That’s it. Market share, increasing response levels or boosting awareness all forms part of the journey but keep your focus on getting more customers, getting more sales and generating more income. The rest will take care of itself.

2. Implementation. The most successful marketing campaigns in the world deliver zero unless they are implemented.

In other words DOING IT is what counts. Thinking but not implementing can never provide a return so it’s a waste of time. And marketing activity is meant to generate income. Remember!



Let’s spend 2 minutes talking about you.


Our products are aimed at business owners who are looking for some inspiration, assistance or support in learning how to market their business on Social Media cost effectively. So you may be a small business owner or even preparing to take the plunge. You may be a sole trader, in a partnership or running a limited company. It really doesn’t matter. Our products are relevant to any business operating in any sector.


You could be a manufacturing company, own a hair salon, an accountant, a travel specialist, a copy writer, an architect, an interior designer, a building contractor, a virtual assistant, a financial advisor, a landscape gardener, a business coach, a printer, a dentist, a florist, own a law firm or an estate agency.

What we teach will be of tremendous value to each and every one of you. Whatever the size or legal status of your business don’t ever think you cannot improve and learn to become better at marketing or creating more income for your business.



Regardless of how your customers purchase your goods or services, whether it’s over the counter, on the telephone, by email or via your website, remember that that decision is made by a person at some part of the process.  And that actually gives us all a brilliant opportunity.


Our focus is generating more income so we want to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients. By delivering trust, honesty and integrity to your customers along with your goods and services you actually nurture loyalty and make that person’s purchasing decision a million times easier. Winning 10 new clients one week and losing 10 the next is not a recipe for success. Winning customers and keeping them is.


I am incredibly excited about what we can achieve together.

So here’s to the journey ahead, increased incomes and I look forward to helping you soon.

John Lloyd-Hughes 

MD The 9K Club


T: 01904 763188

M: 07973 535199

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