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Latest Testimonials

Thank you very much for your excellent work setting up Portel AV Limited’s Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns. Both are going well and our hit level has increased dramatically just as you said it would. I cannot recommend you and your team enough. Please use this as a testimonial as to your excellent services.  


Steven Barrett, Managing Director, Portel AV Limited 

I asked Kaboom to produce some marketing materials for my business 2B People Consultancy to use on Twitter and LinkedIn. I was very impressed with the visuals and the narrative produced and it has had an immediate impact on my business profile. In the first month I have already picked up 2 new pieces of work. Thanks John!


Rob Cooper, Director, 2B People Consultancy


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We work with companies of all sizes in every industry sector you can imagine and based on that extensive experience, without exception, this is our understanding of the situation most business owners are facing today. The business owner's dilemma is knowing that to generate more income you need to attract new customers consistently and the faster you do that the quicker you can grow your business.

The key is growing your audience and gaining trust. Trust in you and your company encourages people to buy. So the faster you can create trust and get seen by a larger audience the quicker you will increase revenue. And Social Media is the perfect vehicle for achieving those goals. But to achieve those goals you MUST adopt a proven strategy that also permits you the time and space to convert your newly engaged prospects into clients that will spend real money with your business.


The BIGGEST advantage Social Media automation gives you is the time to monitor your social media feeds and then engage in real time. When somebody follows, likes, comments or shares your post take a look at their profile. Are they a prospective client for your business? If yes then reply to them in real time. They won’t be expecting you to do that and you have just created a new business opportunity. That’s precisely how the leading brands generate a positive financial return on their social media activity. All the social media campaigns we create are 100% GUARANTEED to increase your audience on Your Money Back.


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Below are the most common

social media mistakes by B2B companies

Question: Do We Have To Be On Every Social Network?

Answer: No.


This is the first step of your strategy. Which platforms?

Using them all just for the sake of having a profile only increases your workload and can weaken your engagement. Instead, ask yourself “where do my audience hang out?”. If they’re not on Instagram or Pinterest what would you achieve by being there?


In the beginning stick to the mainstream of at least two of the big three between LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Once your strategy is generating results you may want to start using videos in which case you can then create another profile on YouTube. Don’t feel you are getting it wrong by not being there from day one.


Start with two platforms. When you have more time, content and resources you can add other networks.


Question: What Content Should We Post?

Answer: Content Your Audience Wants To See.


Put yourself in the position of being your ideal customer. What would spark your interest.


Product Advice? Service Plans? Industry News? Extended Warranty? Finance Options? Client Testimonials? Company Background? Latest Offers?


If you have a good awareness of their pain points a great strategy is using those to demonstrate how your company can provide the answers. 


Can you see already how we are forming a real strategy for success? 

Question: Should We Post On A Regular Basis?

Answer: Yes.


To generate a return from your social media activity you MUST be consistent and have the facility to schedule your posts in advance. If you are still trying to publish all your content manually time will become an increasing issue, your new strategy will fall at the first hurdle and never achieve the results you are looking for.


Inconsistent posting equals inconsistent engagement which delivers poor results.


Question: What If We Want To Handle It Internally?

Answer: Not Unless You Have A Qualified Person.


The biggest mistake is to assume that your youngest member of staff can do it. Yes, they will likely have their own personal social media profiles and be able to use image filters, badges and stickers but this has ZERO value for your company strategy.


The creation of content and management of a successful B2B social media campaign requires a completely different skillset. If you appoint someone without that knowledge and experience you will not achieve a financial return on your strategy.


The combination of an Intern and a DIY approach is unlikely to deliver the results you desire.

Question: Should We Outsource Our Social Media Marketing?

Answer: If You Believe In Your Company’s Products And Services Yes.


If you don’t have the resources or skills to create a social media campaign from scratch outsourcing can be a very smart move. But don’t take a completely hands-off approach which is why we work “with” our clients rather than taking complete control. You know your business better than anyone which is why we only publish content that is approved by our clients.


Our services provide you with a new skillset AND give you the time to convert your social media engagements into new spending clients for your business.